Who and What is PowerliftingToWin?

So… who is the man behind PowerliftingToWin.com? Read on to find out.
While I think bios can be useful, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with people through text. Please take a few minutes to watch this video:

My name is Israel Thomas Narvaez. Most of my friends call me Tom, though. I generally prefer to go by Izzy.
As I said in the video, I’ve been lifting competitively for about two to three years in both the USAPL and the UPA. My best raw lifts in competition are a 551(with wraps) squat, a 320 bench, and a 535 deadlift at 220lbs.
Here is a video of the meet:

If you couldn’t tell from the meet footage, I’m an extremely intense lifter and insanely competitive. I’m motivated entirely by climbing the rankings, settings records, and winning meets. I want to be the best.
I’m always looking for any possible edge that I can get. I’m the kind of guy who will go as far as picking up another $100 pair of lifting shoes if I think it will give me another 5lbs on my squat. If you’re the same way, you’ll probably like me and you’ll probably like this site.

My Lifting Background

I’m a certified Starting Strength Coach. If you have any questions about that particular program or the Starting Strength methodology in general, please feel free to ask. I’m extremely knowledgeable on the subject. In one of the cooler moments in my lifting career thus far, after I had been certified, Rip told me I was good enough to hire.

SS Coach Cert

Starting Strength Coach Certification — Izzy T Narvaez

I also have about a year’s worth of experience running my own gym — Bothell Barbell. My experience in coaching others has been primarily with novices. I’ve taken more than a dozen athletes to 315x5x3 squats within their first three months on the Starting Strength method. At my gym, we took half a dozen lifters from complete beginners to squatting more than 405lbs in their first six months of training.
Here is a brief video of the now defunct Bothell Barbell set-up:

Powerlifting Influences

My biggest influences with regards to training, nutrition, and the sport of powerlifting in general include:

I also have a great deal of exposure to the Westside Barbell Method through training with Justin Randal at Local’s Gym for about a year.

Final Notes

If there is any one specific thing I’d like to convey to you here and now it is the fact that I absolutely love the sport of powerlifting. I live, breathe, sleep, and eat lifting weights. Even when I’m not at the gym, I’m thinking about the gym. Powerlifting is my passion. This is what I do.
I am currently living and training in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’d like to train, contact me and let’s set something up. I’m always down to train with a fellow powerlifter.
If you’d like to know more about my personal journey in the sport, check out the “My Story” series.
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