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EatingToWin is finally here! Click here to get your copy of PowerliftingToWin’s fully comprehensive Nutrition System. Every question you’ve ever had about picking the right weight class, cutting and bulking, supplements, and a whole lot more are answered here!

Eating “Healthy” for Powerlifting

Have you ever wondered whether eating healthy for powerlifting even matters? Is micronutrition important for performance on the platform? This article covers all that and more.

Setting Up Your Powerlifting Macros

While it has certainly been a while since the last installment of the Powerlifting Nutrition Series, the show must go on. Beginning with this article, we’re going to discuss the actual “how” of dieting for powerlifting. In order to do so, you must understand “macronutrients” and the role they play in setting up a powerlifting diet. Now, admittedly, much of this article is geared towards relative beginners to nutrition. If… Read More »

How To Diet for Powerlifting

Thus far in the powerlifting nutrition series, we’ve really outed the WHY and the WHAT behind powerlifting nutrition. Now that we’ve got those pieces in place, we need to put the big picture together before we can move on to the “how” of powerlifting nutrition. If you haven’t checked out earlier parts of the series, now would be a good time to do so.   The primary purpose of powerlifting… Read More »

Cutting Weight Powerlifting: 2 Hour and 24 Hour Weigh Ins

Let’s talk about how to cut weight for powerlifting!   In the last article in the nutrition series, we discussed when to move up a weight class. If you’ll recall, our rule for deciding what weight class to compete in was: the lowest possible weight class without crossing below our minimum body fat threshold and without cutting more than 5-10% water weight depending on the length of our weigh-ins.  … Read More »

Nutritional Strategies for Powerlifting

For whatever reason, people get very adversarial about their programming plans. As you all know, we just HAVE to have those debates about what is better: 5/3/1 or Cube, Sheiko or Smolov, and PNP vs Starting Strength. This somewhat makes sense. After all, if you’re doing one program, you can’t be doing another. There’s a worthy opportunity cost to discuss.   What confounds me the most, though, is that this… Read More »

When Should You Move Up A Weight Class In Powerlifting?

In the first articles in the nutrition series, we established that Powerlifting Nutrition primarily serves two purposes: performance enhancement and weight management. In this particular article, we’re going to hone in on the topic of weight management.   Previously, we discussed the idea that a lifter is going to be at an advantage when he weighs the maximum amount allowed in his weight class. This is going to both maximize… Read More »

Steroids vs. Natural Training

I recently received a great question on the differences between programming for the natural and the enhanced lifter. From reading or watching the Powerlifting Programming Series, I think a lot of people got the idea that I was saying that I personally believe training more frequently is better for naturals whereas training less frequently is better for enhanced lifters. Actually, I don’t consider this to be case; it is just… Read More »

The Best Way To Measure Body Fat for Powerlifting

In the last installment of the Nutrition Series, I discussed how to optimally cut and bulk for powerlifting. One of the main tenets of the strategy I advocated was that one should bulk up until about 15% body fat or so, then cut down to 8-10% body fat, and simply repeat the process over time in order to accumulate muscle mass (add 6-8% body fat to these numbers if female).… Read More »

Powerlifting Diet: Cutting and Bulking

In the inaugural edition of the PowerliftingToWin Nutrition Series, we established that nutrition in Powerlifting serves primarily two purposes: 1) weight management and 2) performance enhancement. In the service of these goals, the conclusion was drawn that, with our eating habits, we should aim to a) gain as much muscle as possible, b) maintain a competitive body fat percentage, and c) spend as much of our training time in a… Read More »

Powerlifting Nutrition: How To Pick Your Weight Class

So begins the PowerliftingToWin Nutrition Series!   Nutrition, in powerlifting, primarily serves two purposes: 1) performance enhancement and 2) weight management. When done properly, both of these ends are met simultaneously. That is, you do not need to choose between being strong and fat or weak and lean.   There is no “or” here. When nutrition is dialed in, you are both strong AND lean. That is the purpose of… Read More »

How to Gain Strength While Cutting

Recently, I’ve lost about 6-7kg of bodyweight while adding 40kg/90lbs to my powerlifting total. Because of this success, as you might expect, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how one should go about trying to make gains on a cut. Now, while I fully plan to address this question in much more depth in the PowerliftingToWin Nutrition Series, I do want to give a brief overview of the… Read More »