How to Pick the Right Powerlifting Federation

Skip to my recommendations.   If you’d rather watch than read:   For this installment of the Powerlifting Competition Series, we’ll be talking about how to pick the right powerlifting federation for you, personally.   Powerlifting is all about numbers. Breaking one of the hallowed records of the sport represents the pinnacle of achievement for a Powerlifter. In sprinting, if you set the all-time mark for the 100m dash, you… Read More »

Powerlifting Deadlift Rules

The deadlift is the simplest test of strength that exists. You throw some chalk on your hands and you see how much weight you can pick up off of the floor. Like the movement itself, the rules for the deadlift in Powerlifting are relatively simple compared to the rules for the squat and the bench. Let’s break it down.   Before we get too far, if you’re looking for deadlift… Read More »

Powerlifting Bench Press Rules

We all know the feeling. It’s Monday; it’s just you, your wrist wraps, the bench, the bar, and the plates. So, how much ya bench, bro?   Sorry, I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t. Though the bench press is ever popular among gym-goers worldwide, of the three powerlifts, I would argue that it has by far the most complicated set of rules. There are a wide variety of… Read More »

Powerlifting Squat Rules

The squat is the first lift performed at every single powerlifting meet. The squat itself isn’t too complicated; you strap on your powerlifting belt, you squat down with a heavy weight and then you stand back up. The rules don’t have to be too complicated, either. Let’s make sure your squats count.   This article isn’t about technique, but if you’re trying to figure out how to optimize your squat… Read More »

The Guide to Legal Powerlifting Gear

The following article is going to discuss the intricacies of the rules regarding powerlifting gear. If you’re looking for a place to get the powerlifting gear discussed in this article, I highly recommend Mike has gone above and beyond the normal call of customer service to ensure I’m always taken care of and I go out of my way to recommend his products as a result. You’ll have a… Read More »

Legal Powerlifting Equipment Specifications and Rules

The primary focus of this guide is the actual rules of Powerlifting Equipment. If you’re looking for powerlifting equipment recommendations, this isn’t necessarily the article for you. That said, if you are in the market for new equipment, it is virtually impossible to beat the combination of Rogue Fitness‘ prices and customer service. If there is any defect in your product whatsoever you will get a full replacement. GUARANTEED. Rogue… Read More »