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What You Will Get

EatingToWin is a comprehensive nutrition system that covers all aspects of maximizing performance for competitive powerlifting.
You’ll get information on:
1) How to pick the right weight class for YOU
2) How to cut weight properly for meets with 24 hour and 2 hour weigh-ins… including a STEP-BY-STEP PROTOCOL!
3) How to set up optimal macros for body composition and strength and how to adjust them over time for continued results
4) The best supplements for powerlifting (more than 10 suggestions to increase results and performance!)
If you enjoyed the PowerliftingToWin Nutrition Series, this book is a must have as it covers everything that was discussed in that series in further detail including examples of how to set everything up. Additionally, you’ll get an organized, thorough, complete system that shows you exactly how to manage your nutrition to maximize your chances of winning on the platform.
If you’d rather watch than read:

Free Nutrition Spreadsheet!

Save yourself the hassle of putting together the EatingToWin System by hand or even having to create your own spreadsheet. Just as with ProgrammingToWin, EatingToWin features a fully functional spreadsheet that automatically calculates every aspect of the EatingToWin Diet for you. You simply need to plug in your stats each week and it will tell you exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats you need to stay in alignment with the system and get closer to reaching your goals.
Here’s a preview of the spreadsheet:

All of this is… FREE!

As promised, this entire package, the 100+ page eBook and the spreadsheet nutrition calculator, is available completely free. You can pay as low as $0.00 for it. On the other hand, you also have the option to pay whatever you feel the book is worth. I trust that many of you will decide to make a financial contribution that fits within your budget. I also trust that by making EatingToWin free, that many of you who simply can’t afford to pay for a product like this will STILL have a chance to read it and share the information with others.

EatingToWin Review

For those of you who still aren’t sold, here’s a FULL OVERVIEW of the entire system that is explained in detail throughout the pages of EatingToWin:

Get Your Copy of EatingToWin

Well, folks, there you have it. If the system itself don’t intrigue you, nothing else I have to say will either!
I poured my heart and mind into this project and I couldn’t be more proud of the final product. EatingToWin is an incredibly important addition to PowerliftingToWin. Alongside ProgrammingToWin, I intend to create a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of Powerlifting. I plan to leave no stoned unturned!
I love it and I know you will too. Grab a copy of EatingToWin. Please let me know what you think PTW Fam! If you love it as much as me, just remember that sharing is caring. The more people that get a chance to see this book, the more effort I can put into projects exactly like this one in the future. Thank you all so much for your support! I can’t wait to start hearing your thoughts on the book.
Have a nice day,

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Table of Contents

Powerlifting Nutrition: How To Pick Your Weight Class
Powerlifting Diet: Cutting and Bulking
The Best Way To Measure Body Fat For Powerlifting
When To Move Up A Weight Class
How To Cut Weight For Powerlifting: 24 Hour and 2 Hour Weigh Ins
How To Diet For Powerlifting: Calories, Reverse Dieting, and More
Setting Up Your Powerlifting Macros
Meal Frequency and Nutrient Timing in Powerlifting
Eating Healthy for Powerlifting
Best Powerlifting Supplements
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