What is Powerlifting?
Who Powerlifts? Why?

As a brief aside before I answer the ominous questions above, PowerliftingToWin.com is a site dedicated to competitive powerlifters. I’m writing this piece to give competitors a quick reference they can use to bring friends and family up to speed on what exactly it is that they do.   If you’re a complete novice, this will help a lot. If you’ve been around the sport for any length of time,… Read More »

Welcome to Powerlifting To Win!

Over the past three years, I’ve spent countless hundreds of hours obsessing over the sport of Powerlifting. If you want to go anywhere in the iron game, you don’t have much of a choice. Finding relevant Powerlifting information on the internet can be surprisingly difficult at times. As it stands today, Powerlifting is the very definition of a “niche” sport. Few people know of the sport and even fewer people… Read More »