Powerlifting Federations

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If you’re looking for information on how to choose the right Powerlifting Federation for you, check out our article on the subject.

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The following page will contain tables that allow you to quickly and easily visually compare the various Powerlifting federations and their rules.

You can find both the links to the main homepage and rulebook of every Powerlifting federation mentioned in the tables below right here.

You can find the glossary for the tables here.

International Powerlifting Federations

International Powerlifting Federations Comparison
Note: I did not mention membership fees for any of these federations because, generally speaking, you’ll need a membership to each of these federations’ local affiliates rather than obtaining one through them directly. Once you have a membership in the local affiliate, you’ll likely need to qualify for their international level contests.

National Powerlifting Federations (U.S.A.)

National Federation Comparison Table
*Federations marked with a star have separate divisions for those using knee wraps and those using knee sleeves.

International Federations Reference Info

International Federations:
GPA Powerlifting LogoThe GPA: Global Powerlifting Alliance
GPA Website: http://www.globalpowerliftingalliance.com
GPA Rules: http://globalpowerliftingalliance.com/global_powerlifting_alliance%20rules.htm

GPC Powerlifting LogoGPC: Global Powerlifting Committee
GPC Website: http://www.worldgpc.com
GPC Rules: http://www.worldgpc.com/index.php/downloads/category/16-rulebook?download=7:gpc-rulebook-09-2012-english

IPF Powerlifting LogoThe IPF: International Powerlifting Federation
IPF Website: http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/
IPF Rules: http://www.powerlifting -ipf.com/fileadmin/data/Technical_Rules/IPF_Technical_Rules_Book_2014.pdf

IPF Powerlifting LogoThe IPL: International Powerlifting League
IPL Website: http://www.powerlifting-ipl.com
IPL Rules: http://www.powerlifting-ipl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/IPL-Rulebook-v052713.pdf

IPO Powerlifting LogoThe IPO: International Powerlifting Organization
IPO Website: http://www.internationalpowerliftingorganization.com
IPO Rules: http://internationalpowerliftingorganization.com/rules%20IPO.htm

WDFPF Powerlifting LogoThe WDFPF: World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation
WDFPF Website: http://www.wdfpf.co.uk/news/news.php
WDFPF Rules: http://www.wdfpf.co.uk/federation/pdf/WDFPF_RULEBOOK_2011.pdf

WPA Powerlifting LogoThe WPA: World Powerlifting Association
WPA Website: http://www.apa-wpa.com/
WPA Rules: http://www.apa-wpa.com/2007RULEBOOK.htm

WPC Powerlifting LogoThe WPC: World Powerlifting Congress
WPC Website: http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com
WPC Rules: http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com/WPC%20Rule%20book%20Official%20Website%202012.doc

WPF Powerlifting LogoThe WPF: World Powerlifting Federation
WPF Website: http://www.wpfpowerlifting.com
WPF Rules: http://www.wpfpowerlifting.com/WPF%20DOCS/2011%20WPF%20Rules%20New.pdf

WUAP Powerlifting LogoThe WUAP: World United Amateur Powerlifting
WUAP Website: http://aheindl.com/~martin/WUAP/uap/index-uap.html
WUAP Rules: http://aheindl.com/~martin/WUAP/united/schriftverkehr/uap-rules.pdf

National Federations(USA) Reference Info

100 Percent Raw Powerlifting LogoThe 100% Raw: 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation
100% Raw Website: http://www.rawpowerlifting.com
100% Raw Rules: http://rawpowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/100_Raw_General_Rules_2014_Final-2.pdf

AAU Powerlifting LogoThe AAU: Amateur Athletic Union
AAU Website: http://www.aaupowerlifting.org/
AAU Rules: http://image.aausports.org/handbooks/powerlifting/Powerlifting_Handbook.pdf

ADFPF Powerlifting LogoThe ADFPF: American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF Affiliate):
ADFPF Website: http://www.adfpf.org/
ADFPF Rules: http://www.adfpf.org/Forms/W.D.F.P.F.%20RULEBOOK%20%202012%20-%202013.pdf

APA Powerlifting LogoThe APA: American Powerlifting Association (WPA Affiliate)
APA Website: http://www.apa-wpa.com
APA Rules: http://www.apa-wpa.com/2007RULEBOOK.htm

APC Powerlifting LogoThe APC: American Powerlifting Committee (IPO/GPA Affiliate)
APC Website: http://www.americanpowerliftingcommittee-usa.com/
APC Rules: http://www.americanpowerliftingcommittee-usa.com/apc%20rules.htm

APF Powerlifting LogoThe APF: American Powerlifting Federation (WPC Affiliate)
APF Website: http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com
APF Rules: http://www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com/WPC%20Rule%20book%20Official%20Website%202012.doc

Hardcore Powerlifting LogoThe Hardcore: Hardcore Powerlifting
Hardcore Website: http://www.Hardcorepowerlifting.com
Hardcore Rules: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156164833

IBP Powerlifting LogoThe IBP: Iron Boy Powerlifting
IBP Website: http://www.ironboypowerlifting.com
IBP Rules: http://www.ironboypowerlifting.com/z2013_IBP_Handbook.doc

IPA Powerlifting LogoThe IPA: International Powerlifting Association
IPA Website: http://www.ipapower.com/
IPA Rules: http://www.ipapower.com/rules.html

NASA Powerlifting LogoThe NASA: Natural Athlete Strength Association
NASA Website: http://www.nasa-sports.com/
NASA Rules: http://www.nasa-sports.com/Rulebook/New.NASA.Rulebook.12.06/NASA%20Rule%20Book.htm

Raw Unity Powerlifting LogoThe Raw Unity: Raw Unity Meet
Raw Unity Website: http://www.rawunitymeet.com/
Raw Unity Rules: Raw Unity Meet Rules Document

RPS Powerlifting LogoThe RPS: Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate
RPS Website: http://www.RevolutionPowerlifting.com
RPS Rules: http://www.revolutionpowerlifting.com/rules/index.html

SSA Powerlifting LogoThe SSA: Syndicated Strength Alliance
SSA Website: http://www.strengthalliance.com/
SSA Rules: http://www.strengthalliance.com/forms/ssarulebook.doc

SPF Powerlifting LogoThe SPF: Southern Powerlifting Federation
SPF Website: http://www.southernpowerliftingfederation.com
SPF Rules: http://www.southernpowerlifting.com/form.php?id=7

UPA Powerlifting LogoThe UPA: United Powerlifting Association
UPA Website: http://www.upapower.com/
UPA Rules: http://upapower.com/downloads/official_upa_rulebook.pdf

USAPL Powerlifting LogoThe USAPL: United States of America Powerlifting (IPF Affiliate)
USAPL Website: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/
USAPL Rules: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/aboutus/USAPL%20Rulebook-2013_1.pdf

USPA Powerlifting LogoThe USPA: United States Powerlifting Association (IPL Affiliate)
USPA Website: http://www.uspla.org
USPA Rules: http://uspla.org/home/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/USPA-Rulebook-v110412.pdf

USPF Powerlifting LogoThe USPF: United States Powerlifting Federation (WPF Affiliate)
USPF Website: http://www.uspf.com
USPF Rules: http://www.uspf.com/Rules%20Docs/USPF%20RAW%20Rules%20chged%204-16-2011.pdf

WNPF Powerlifting LogoThe WNPF: World Natural Powerlifting Federation
WNPF Website: http://www.wnpf.net/wnpf/home.jsp
WNPF Rules: http://www.wnpf.net/wnpf/showPage.jsp?pageName=rules

XPC Powerlifting LogoXPC: Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition
XPC Website: http://www.xpcpowerlifting.com/
XPC Rules: http://www.xpcpowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/XPC-rules.pdf


If you’re confused about what any of these items are, please read our on articles on powerlifting equipment and powerlifting gear.

Checkmarks: The federation allows this item
X marks: The federation does not allow this item
SQ Bar: Specialty squat bar
Monolift: Specialty hydraulic squat rack
Wraps:Knee wraps
Sleeves:Knee sleeves
Head Up:The head can be lifted off the surface of the bench while pressing
Heels Up:The heels do not have to contact the floor during the bench
Suicide:Thumbless grip on bench press
Reverse:Reverse-grip bench press
DL Bar:Specialty deadlift bar
Weigh-in:The time between when you’re weighed and when you start lifting
Tested:A division which requires athletes to be tested for drug use
Untested:A division which does not test for drugs
$ to Join:The amount of money required to purchase a federation membership
Note: A federation membership does not count as your meet entry fee. A federation membership simply allows you to enter meets held under that federations’ banner. You will pay an additional meet entry fee on top of this cost for each meet you wish to participate in.

The Guide to Powerlifting Rules: Table of Contents

Part I: Powerlifting Equipment
Part II: Gear
Part III: The Squat
Part IV: The Bench
Part V: The Deadlift
Part VI: Powerlifting Federation Reference Guide
Bonus: How To Pick The Right Federation

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