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Thanks for your interest in my custom coaching and programming services! I’m stoked for the potential opportunity to get to know more about you and help you achieve your lifting goals.

Let me take this opportunity to explain to you the PowerliftingToWin Coaching Service.

If you’d like to skip all the reading, simply fill out the form below and we can discuss your coaching needs as well as pricing:

    2019 Changes to my Coaching Service!

    If you’ve ever looked at this page or looked into my coaching services in the past, two things might have stood out to you: 1) I used to only work with competitive powerlifters and 2) I used to only offer full-service, month-to-month coaching packages.

    Going forward in 2019, my personal training goals will be revolving around Powerbuilding with a heavy focus on aesthetics. Because of this, I feel it would be hypocritical to continue to exclude people with these goal sets as potential clients. I am going to be passionately pursuing physique progress and physique goals for all of 2019. I would love to help anyone who is interested in doing the same as well. In short, I am now opening my coaching service to ANYONE who wants to get stronger and look better in the process.

    Additionally, I used to only offer a service where I’d give full nutritional help, full technique help, and full programming on a month-to-month basis. Many people don’t want all of those services; they only want one. Many people don’t even want ongoing feedback. Going forward, I’m going to offer price breaks for people who only want programming or who only want technique help. If you want to purchase multiple months upfront, you will also receive discounts. I am going to be much more flexible in helping people get exactly what they want from me rather than making everyone fit into my preconceived notion of what optimal coaching looks like.

    Below, I explain my Full Coaching Package, but simply scroll down if you want to know about my MUCH CHEAPER OPTION which is Custom Programming Only.

    The Full Online Coaching Package

    In essence, this is the full works as far as coaching goes. Keep in mind you can pick and choose what you want as well. This comprehensive package covers literally all of the bases:

    1. Individualized programming featuring proper autoregulation
    2. A nutrition plan designed to maximize competitiveness in powerlifting via improving body composition whilst getting stronger or to maximize hypertrophy depending on your goal set
    3. Individual technical analysis of all your lifts to determine weak points and pick exercises that will help correct them
    4. On-going form critiques for all major lifts
    5. Psychological help when you hit stalls and sticking points in your progress

    If you’re looking to achieve optimal overall results, this is the service you’re looking for.

    How The Coaching Process Works

    Through email, I’ll begin by having you fill out a questionnaire that allows me to get a better idea of your demographics, training history, training advancement, and other pertinent details I’ll need for customized program design. Over email, FB messenger or text message, we’ll then correspond further to hash out the final details of your individualized plan.

    Each week, you’ll fill out a training update document. We’ll fully discuss any issues you might have had and we’ll make any necessary adjustments to work around injuries, recovery issues, or potential scheduling snags. We’ll work together on a weekly basis to help you maximize your nutrition and programming. That said, I will always be available, on a daily basis, to answer your questions via text message, email, or FB messenger.

    You’ll have full access to me for any questions you have about your training including the why of what we’re doing. If you have any urgent questions, unlike other coaches who are often unresponsive, I will be providing you with my personal phone number (via WhatsApp), my Facebook messenger, and email address so that you can reach me 24/7. Longer, more complicated questions are best left for email, but anything immediate can be texted to me and I’ll typically respond within minutes if I am awake.

    Are We A Good Fit?

    I have a HARD CAP on the amount of clients that I take (you may be subject to a waiting list). The quality of my services will never diminish due to being overbooked.

    My number one goal is to help people achieve IMPORTANT training goals. I am always looking to work with people who consider their training one of their top priorities in life. I’m looking to work with people who are passionate about achieving their goals — whatever those goals may be. If you want to be a powerlifter, a powerbuilder, or just look amazing, I want to help you get there. I want to help people achieve their dreams, PERIOD.

    Since I first began offering this service over four years ago, I have worked with nearly 200 competitive powerlifters. There are a handful of lifters who have been working with me from Day 1. I’ve worked with lifters of literally all demographics and classifications. I’ve worked with dozens of novices helping them to get a great start in the sport and I’ve even worked with a few National record holders and National champions. What ever your current experience level is as a competitor, I’m confident I can help you take things to the next level.

    If your goal is more along the lines of aesthetics and building muscle, I have more than ten years of lifting experience training both natural and enhanced athletes. I know I have the knowledge base to help you quickly and efficiently reach your physique goals.

    Custom Programming ONLY!

    For the first time ever, I am offering a programming-only service. I’ve been reticent to do this in the past due to my own skepticism over how well it would work. However, I’ve seen proof that it is effective and overwhelming demand for something CHEAPER than coaching has forced my hand on this one. I charge about 1/3rd the price for programming only versus the full coaching package.

    Let me explain more about what my “Programming Only” service is.

    The custom program will be tailored to your schedule, equipment, and goals. This is NOT just some template that I send to everyone. I will be spending, potentially, hours creating each custom program. If you were looking for a super cheap, simple cookie cutter template, that just isn’t what this service is. This is a truly individualized, custom program. If you want a template, check out my eBooks.

    Unlike regular coaching, you will not receive nutrition or technique analysis; you will not receive my personal number for unlimited texting/messaging; you will not be able to use me as an ongoing learning resource to ask questions about anything to do with lifting. I just want to make these things clear as once you receive your program and I answer any questions about how to run the program, that is when we will stop communicating unless you’re interested in something further like coaching. This is intended to be standalone, custom programming and not actual coaching.

    Nonetheless, you will receive a fully tailored, individualized plan spanning 4-16 weeks depending on what you’re interested in getting, and I will do everything in my power to ensure you get the absolute BEST possible results from that program.

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