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Featured below are the official PowerliftingToWin Guides and Series. Click for more information!

    1. The Guide to Powerlifting Rules

In this guide, virtually all the rules of powerlifting are covered. If you have any questions about what types of equipment are used or legal, that will be answered. Bars, plates, racks, and the whole shebang is addressed down to the finest details. From there, the rules about personal gear is covered: belts, shoes, wraps, knee sleeves, and a whole lot more. And, of course, a full article is dedicated to the competitive rules of each contest lift. The guide is thorough; you’ll walk away armed with all the necessary knowledge to compete competently.

    1. Powerlifting Technique Series

This series is really the very heart and soul of Rather than simply taking a “do what works for you approach”, the PowerliftingToWin Technique Series endeavors to argue for the optimal powerlifting techniques based on biomechanics and applied physics. In other words, we actually discuss leverage and how best to manipulate it rather than merely telling to copy great lifters. The first few articles of the series lay down the foundations, but, thereafter, full articles are developed, EACH, both as to the “why” AND “how” for each of the three powerlifts: squat, bench, and deadlift.

    1. The Guide to Powerlifting Gear

Though personal gear rules are covered in the PowerliftingToWin Powerlifting Rules Guide, this series focuses primarily on what the BEST gear to use is. If you have questions about what knee sleeves to get and why. This is the group of articles for you. Everything is addressed from the best type of belt all the way on down to which pair of shoes work best… for each lift! I can almost guarantee that even experienced lifters will walk away having learned a gear trick or two that will result in an improved raw total at their next meet. I think that says a lot.

    1. Powerlifting Programs Series

The PowerliftingToWin Programming series is our most popular one yet! Similar to our technique series, the program series endeavors to turn a critical, scientific eye to the most popular programs currently floating around the internet. Rather than just focusing on “good” and “bad” programs, this article series endeavors to put programs into the context of a “good, better, best” continuum. 99% of programs are not “bad”! 99% of programs are “good”. However, we want to focus on the elements that constitute a good program rather than merely which programs are good. By doing this, we’re able to discern which programs are not only “good”, but rather “better”. And, more importantly, we’re armed with the tools to make an informed decision about which program is “best” for us personally.

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