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Over the past eight years, I’ve spent countless hundreds of hours obsessing over the sport of Powerlifting (you can read about me specifically here). If you want to go anywhere in the iron game, you don’t have much of a choice. Finding relevant Powerlifting information on the internet can be surprisingly difficult at times. As it stands today, Powerlifting is the very definition of a “niche” sport. Few people know of the sport and even fewer people participate.

As a result, the powers that be have collectively decided that Powerlifting simply isn’t marketable enough to stand on its own as the basis for a legitimate website. In other words, there is no “Powerlifting.com” like there is a “Bodybuilding.com”. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of resources out there that discuss the sport. But most of these resources are also at least partially dedicated to CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and general athletics. In the few cases where you can find a website dedicated mostly to Powerlifting, the author often endlessly philosophizes on the “true meaning” of strength and/or “what it means to be a man”. In fact, if you Google “Powerlifting”, Bodybuilding.com appears in the Top 10 results multiple times. That is ridiculous.

What PowerliftingToWin.com is All About

This website is my attempt to rectify this situation to some degree. Look, for me, Powerlifting isn’t just a hobby; Powerlifting is my passion. I believe in us and I believe in our sport. So, for once, I want a website dedicated strictly to Powerlifting. For once, I want quick and easy access to information that can help me improve my total at my next meet.

And that is exactly what you’re going to find here at PowerliftingToWin.com. There will be no skull and crossbones; there will be no “hardcore” culture. There WILL, however, be a comprehensive collection of knowledge aimed at helping you get stronger. All the information I provide here will have exactly one intent: improved performance on the platform. That is why we all train right? We want to lift more weight when it counts.

On this site you will find the following resources to help you do exactly that:

  1. Training Programs and Program Evaluation
  2. Technique Analysis and Optimization
  3. Performance Nutrition Protocols
  4. Sports Psychology Strategies
  5. Equipment information, tips, and tricks
  6. Book, Website, and Resource Reviews

If you want to get straight into our best content, check out the PowerliftingToWin eBook Series.

The Powerlifting To Win Philosophy

Unlike many in the Powerlifting world, I do not take a “do what works for you approach” nor do I merely suggest copying someone successful and hoping for the best. Like you, I’m a student of the game. I will endeavor to provide the relevant scientific reasoning behind any suggestion that I may make. If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand to leave even a single pound on the table. We’re not interested in “good”; we’re not interested in “better”; we’re interested in “BEST”. WE want to win, dammit! Everything here will be geared towards those who are actually going to compete.

I am extremely confident that everyone will be able to pull something from this site that helps them advance closer to their goals. So… here is to PRs, climbing the rankings, setting records, and winning big time meets.

Welcome to PowerliftingToWin.com!

See y’all on top of the podium!

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